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The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE)

A world-wide association of organisations that is active in the theory and practice of quality assurance (QA) in higher education (HE).

Member since 2016

 INQAAHE: Fostering Quality Assurance in Higher Education Worldwide


In the dynamic landscape of higher education, ensuring and maintaining the quality of academic programs and institutions is paramount. In this pursuit of academic excellence, The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) has emerged as a global force, driving the standards of quality assurance to new heights. This article explores INQAAHE's pivotal role in promoting and enhancing the quality of higher education across the world.

A Global Network of Quality Assurance

INQAAHE is a dynamic and influential international organization dedicated to advancing the cause of quality assurance in higher education. Founded in 1991, this non-profit association brings together quality assurance agencies, professionals, and stakeholders from across the globe. Its overarching mission is to promote and enhance the quality of higher education through the sharing of expertise, fostering collaborations, and advocating for best practices.

Key Objectives

INQAAHE's objectives are guided by a commitment to excellence and a vision of a world where quality assurance is at the heart of higher education. Here are some key objectives that drive its mission:

Fostering Collaboration: INQAAHE serves as a platform for quality assurance agencies and professionals to come together, share experiences, and collaborate on research and best practices. This collaborative spirit contributes to the continuous improvement of quality assurance processes.

Advocacy and Policy Influence: The organization actively engages with governments and policymakers to advocate for policies that support the enhancement of higher education quality. INQAAHE's influence is instrumental in shaping national and international standards.

Research and Development: INQAAHE encourages and supports research in the field of quality assurance. It provides a forum for scholars and practitioners to explore emerging trends, challenges, and innovative solutions.

Professional Development: The organization offers opportunities for professional development through conferences, workshops, and training programs. These initiatives equip quality assurance professionals with the latest tools and knowledge.

Global Impact

INQAAHE's influence reverberates across continents, leaving an indelible mark on higher education systems worldwide:

Standardization of Quality Assurance: INQAAHE has played a significant role in harmonizing quality assurance practices globally. Its efforts have contributed to the development of universally accepted standards and guidelines.

Capacity Building: Through its training programs and knowledge-sharing initiatives, INQAAHE has empowered quality assurance agencies and professionals to improve their practices, leading to more effective quality assurance processes.

Cross-Border Collaboration: INQAAHE's global network promotes cross-border collaboration among quality assurance agencies, fostering mutual recognition of academic qualifications and facilitating student and faculty mobility.

Enhanced Educational Quality: Ultimately, INQAAHE's work results in enhanced educational quality, ensuring that students receive high-quality education and that institutions are held accountable for their performance.


The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE) stands as a vanguard in the quest for excellence in higher education. Its global network, collaborative spirit, and dedication to research and professional development have made it an indispensable force in shaping the future of quality assurance in academia. As it continues to champion the cause of quality education across the world, INQAAHE remains committed to elevating academic standards and ensuring that higher education institutions provide an enriching and transformative experience for students everywhere.

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